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Sriwijaya Air is a Indonesian Low-Cost Airline based in Jakarta

Sriwijaya Air flies to 37 destinations in Indonesia.
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Sriwijaya Air is one of the Indonesian domestic leading airlines. It carries over 950,000 passengers per month, from its hub at SoekarnoHatta International Airport to 53 destinations within Indonesia and three regional countries, including extraordinary and popular tourism spots in Indonesia and regional countries.

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Lake Toba


Lake Toba in North Sumatra (TripAdvisor)

Lake Toba, perhaps all of us ever hear many stories about it, especially if it comes to this lake beautiful scenery.

The lake which many people thought in the past was a super volcano is also the biggest in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, and also second deepest lake in Indonesia.

Lake Toba’s beautiful scenery has been known to many people within Indonesia and even foreign countries, and this lake also has been dubbed as one of “must-visit” place in Indonesia. There are many favorite spot to enjoy this lake scenery, such like Huta Ginjang, Parapat, Lumban Silintong and many more.

Instagram - Lake Toba

Martapura Market

Martapura city in South of Kalimantan well-known as diamond city because indeed that precious stone is the only signature of this city, moreover Martapura is the biggest diamond producer in Indonesia.

One right place for you who really in love with jewelry is Martapura Diamond Market. In this place, you can choose diamond in many various forms.

Martapura Diamond Market located in Ahmad Yani street, District of Banjar, South Kalimantan. Fly with Sriwijaya Air to Banjarmasin then continue your journey to Martapura city for only an hour. Every people who come to Banjarmasin always spend their time to visit Martapura Diamond Market. At weekdays, visitors for Martapura Diamond Market can reach around 10.000 people while at weekend or holidays it can reach twice. Everyone knows, this jewelry made of diamond is truly beautiful and suites for both woman or man.

The price range of this jewelry is various. You will find the price range from the lowest price into the highest price and of course the higher price, the higher beauty of the diamond you can get. So many people buy that as souvenir for family at home, for personal collection, and even there’s some people who buy this for their business (they sell it again to others). Selling diamond’s jewelry is a right choice for business anyway. Well, choose what do you really need Partners. Enjoy Martapura!


Wari Beach

Wari Beach at TripAdvisor

Indonesia has so many various stunning beaches, there is one more beach that actually also has this taste in Biak City. Welcome to Biak and please visit Wari Beach.

This beach is located in the north of Biak, West Papua. In 1996, this beach and its surrounding ever hit by tsunami, therefore you will also find a sign saying “Tsunami Beach”.

Just like another common beauty, Wari Beach is also a white soft sand. This beach is still virgin and not even touch by commercial so it still feel natural. Although it’s only being managed by the local people, this beach is as pretty as another beaches. You will find that the waves is somehow can be big but it can be so calm in the next day. Unique thing, there is a river with the freshwater flows beautifully near this beach and only separated by the white sands. Let’s go to Biak soon.

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